Friday, May 28, 2010

Stop subsidies or stop projects does not benefit the country?

Toll subsidy, fuel and energy as well as sugar, flour and cooking oil intended to be reduced or abolished in stages starting this year to enable the government to save up to RM103 billion in five years.

According to the "Datuk Seri Idris Jala, Malaysia is among the most subsidized in the world. Last year the number reached RM74 billion, includes the social (RM42.4. Billion), fuel and power (RM23.5 Billion), infrastructure (RM4.8 Billion) and food (RM3.4 Billion).

He said the present national debt burden to reach RM362 billion or 54 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - the highest since independence, and is estimated to increase to RM1, 158 billion by 2019, which could lead to national bankruptcy.
That is what is written in the newspapers. I want to ask to all of you, in reality, what should be done by the government? To repeal the subsidy or reduce government expenditure which is not useful?

I am sure, you all would prefer for the government to stop spending money for projects that are not beneficial to the country.

I can imagine how people's life situation where significant subsidies are repealed. Prices of goods, the price of services, and other matters relating to the cost of living, will increases.

The poor will becomes poorer.

I propose that the government show the people, about the financial and budgetary funds have been used and will be used. People may not understand, or government trick people.