Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sime Darby @ Goverment Loss?

What happened to Sime Darby? loss? How it can be lost? whether any decision had been made by the CEO not addressed first by board of directors? So, why the managing director should be blamed? Subsequently, imposed sentence. The main problem that causes Sime Darby in problem is because of corporate governance.

What is meant by Corporate governance? Corporate governance is the approaches, mechanisms, rules or patterns according to the effective management of standards, regulations and laws that could improve the efficiency of the organization to the next maximum.

If we make the interpretation of the events that occurred in the Sime Darby Group, we can say that the Datuk Zubir administration did not efficient. I hope that this problem can be solved as soon as possible. Find a credible successor. I can replace Datuk Zubir.