Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good service from the "Proton Edar.

Today I went to service center Proton Edar in Shah Alam. There is a problem on my car. What I want to tell here, is the experience when I was there. My personal rating, I gave four of the five star rating to this service center. When i enter this place, I straight to the counter, and I get good service from the staff. They record the information, take the key, and asked me to go to the waiting room. Here, there are provided two pieces of computer for customer use. If possible, I would like to recommend another facility should be provided by Proton Edar. That facility is the hand phone battery charger. :-)

In terms of work force (mechanics), Proton Edar should assign each parcel, with a mechanic. Only then, repair work can be done quickly, in other words, customers do not have to wait long. What is the best here, no labor charges apply.