Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lybia Aid On it's Way to Rafah to Rebuild Gaza

Yesterday the Libyan ship that was meant to break the naval blockade to reach Gaza set course to an Egyptian port.
Today it is clear why: Israel struck a deal with Egypt to allow the aid to reach Gaza via Rafah.
ImageIt was Israel that negotiated a deal with Egyptian authorities to avoid a – potentially violent – confrontation in Gaza waters.
As yesterday reported, the ship set course to El-Arish and its cargo will now be trucked via the Rafah crossing to Gaza.
Yesterday it was unclear why the Lybian ship, which is sent by Gadhafi's son finally, agreed to sail to Egypt.
After all, in earlier communications there was no willingness to change course whatsoever. But today, Israel struck a deal, allowing Gadhafi's organization to begin rebuilding Gaza ruins.
The organization will work together with UNRWA (United Nations Works and Relief Association) and about 50 million Egyptian pounds will be transferred to Gaza to start the project, A-Sharq al-Awsat reports.
UNRWA is one of the most important employers in the Gaza-Strip and will most likely be able to offer some additional short-term employment to Gazans now.
The economy of Gaza has detoriated ever since the start of the bloccade in 2006. Most Gazans are still dependent on foreign aid for their health and food security.