Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Counter attack to Israel.

Condemnation by the United Nations can not bring any change. UN has been acquired by Israel. All members, especially countries veto power, to bow to Israel's forefinger.

There is only one way to do by the world community, which is attacking Israel. if the USA remain silent in this regard, other countries can come together to attack, thus freeing the people of Gaza live in peace.

The fact that the Israelis are afraid of Islam. They know, on one day (which is called the Last Day), all the Jews will be killed by Muslims. It is contained in Al-Quran, and it will happen. In the Jewish scripture also states this.

Although countries such as USA, European Union, and other veto countries have a great military ability, but they seem afraid of Israel.

Size of the illegal state of Israel is small. If all nations unite attack, may be less than one day t break them.